Welcome to Irish Orthoblogger! I’m just a 20-something Orthodox newbie living in Ireland, with an interest in all things theology and philosophy. The purpose of this blog is to discuss Eastern Orthodox Theology and Philosophy. With an emphasis on the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. And the significant impact it has for how we as human beings relate to God and see the world. The blog will delve into the finer points of Christology and Triadology, whilst also having lighter devotional material. Perhaps even some comical pieces and satire. Having come to Orthodoxy from an Evangelical and Reformed background, there will be material dealing with Ortho-Protestant topics. Also look out podcasts which I’ll be producing in the future.

The blog also aims looks to help foster a community of the scattered Orthodox Christians living in Ireland. As well as provide information for those that are interested in looking into the Orthodox faith.

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.