An Ode to Being

Is it possible to have absolute nothing, non-existence? Well if nothing at all existed, would it be true that nothing existed? If you say yes it would true that nothing existed, you would be saying that the reality of the reality is that there is no reality. But how is this possible? 

If something is true, it means that it’s opposite is not. The difference being that one is the way things are, while the other is not. In other words, the truth that something is a certain way, is grounded in the fact that something is a certain way. For example, to say that a triangle has three sides, is true, because triangles have three sides. It is a true statement because it is true in reality.

Just so, the statement “something exists” is true, because something does exist. To deny it would be absurd. Since to deny anything exists, would require first that you exist in order to do so. The truth of statement is true and its opposite false because it is grounded in reality.

But how can it be true that there is no reality whatsoever for something to either be true or false in? Non-existence isn’t a vacuum. It’s not a positive existence. It’s the lack of existence. The negation of being. If there were complete non-existence, then there would be one thing that is true; that nothing exists. But saying that one thing is true, would mean that there isn’t absolutely nothing. Since the truth of that statement would be true. And for something to be true requires one reality as opposed to its opposite. How can there be a reality in non-reality? There cannot.

But if the truth that nothing exists, was actual. Then it would be a self contradiction, since it claims nothing is actual. Or, there is no actuality. So you can’t say “it’s true that nothing exists” either to mean that nothing is a substance, or to mean that there is a state of affairs in which there are no states of a affairs.

But what if you said, in absolute nothing, the statement that nothing exists, in either sense is false? Well in the simplest terms, to say that “nothing exists is false”, is just another way of saying “something exists”. Which is a denial of absolute nothing. 

Secondly, to say that “in absolute nothing, the statement nothing exists is false”, in an attempt to deny that there is any remaining truth at all, is itself a statement of truth. Which is to say, that if one wants to avoid having having any thing at all, by avoiding the truth of the statement “nothing exists” being actual, then they are saying there is something else actual; the fact that the statement “nothing exists” is actual. 

Finally, someone might say that truth isn’t a thing. That it is only a manner of speaking. So saying “nothing exists” doesn’t mean that a true thing called “nothing exists” has being. Unless one wants to argue for some kind of Platonic Form. 

And I agree. That is not, what I’m saying. When I say truth, I mean the actual state of affairs. And nothing can be actual, unless it has being. How can something that has no being, have anything, let alone actuality? Which is just another way of saying something has being.

So to say it is true that nothing exists, is to say the actual state of affairs is that nothing exists. However if nothing exists, then there are no state of affairs to be true or false. There is no actuality for there to be something not actual. Which means in principle it could never “be true” that nothing exists. Truth and logic apply only to being. Truth and logic however cannot be prior to being, for what would it mean to be actual or prior to actuality? Neither is there first actuality or being, then truth and logic. Since isn’t the very actuality of actuality true? How could actuality itself not be actual? Wouldn’t that be a contradiction and therefore not true? And if it’s not true, it is not the actual state of affairs, then how can it be actual? 

It seems then that Logic, Truth and Being are one and the same. That you cannot have one without the other. 

This means that Truth, Logic and Being have always been and always will be. That all beings, all particular actualities are different manifestations of what can exist, what can be true. Of Truth and Being itself. The Font of all goodness.


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